Q.  Why does insurance provide benefits to me after breast cancer surgery?
A.  The Women's Health and Cancer Act of 1998 ensures that insurance companies are required to provide benefits to post breast surgery patients. These surgeries include women who have had a mastectomy and/or lumpectomy due to cancer of the breast. These benefits are subject to deductibles and  co-insurance based on your policy.


Q. Do you take insurance?
A. Yes, currently we have contracts with:  Medicare, Anthem, Humana, Coventry, Wellcare, BC/BS, Bluegrass Family Health


Q. How many bras and prosthesis am I allowed to have per year?
A.  Most insurances allow between 4-6 bras per year; 1 silicone prosthesis per side every other year.  Non-silicone prosthesis can be purchased every 6 months (certain insurance rules apply to when and how they will pay for these non-silicone breast forms - ask us for more details).


Q.  Do I need to make an appointment?
A.  No. Our hours are M-F, 8:30 - 5 pm., with our last fitting at 4 pm.  We want to make sure we have enough time to spend with you, giving you the time and attention needed for a proper fit.


Q.  Do I need a prescription?
A.  Yes, all items billed to insurance will need a physicians order.