Ordering Help

Ordering Help

1. Welcome and Introduction Top
  Welcome to the new Grogan's e-commerce site with many enhancements now and many more to come.  This section attempts to address a wide range of topics and potential questions regarding our ordering processes.  If you need other types of help, or if you have any feedback or suggestions on our new site please contact Web Site Feedback.  
2. How can I find products? Top
  SEARCH: If you know all or part of the product number, a brand name, or a general term (gauze), enter it in the search box at upper right.

CATEGORY: At left on Home page and many other pages is an expandable category listing with up to 5 levels of increasingly detailed categorization. Drill down to see available options and select a product.

FEATURED HEALTHCARE CATEGORIES: Sometimes the highest level 1 category at left may not be obvious (Safety & Protection is where our myriad of gloves are), so we have isolated some of the more common categories in 2 pages of "featured" category buttons in the center section of the Home page.

DIRECT TO PRODUCT from page links: Many of our content pages explain products and will provide links directly to the product page from which the item can be added to the cart.

From any Product Listing resulting from the above methods, you will have the option of sorting the list by Description, Product Number, or Price, either ascending or descending order, using the drop-down box at upper right.
3. Where is the detailed product information? Top
  From any Product Listing, search result, or My Template screen (see #10 and #11), clicking on the product number will take you the Product Detail page.  For many of our popular items, the Product Detail screen will show an "Extended Description" and a product image.  There are still some items without images or extended description and we will be working to fill those gaps in the months ahead.  Also, our new web site now supports additional product information and we will be enhancing our product content considerably.  The enhancements will include additional images, pdfs of manufacturer marketing materials, demonstration videos (when they make sense), MSDS sheets, and product specifications.  Stay tuned.  
4. What do I do if I can't find what I want? Top
  Several options:

E-MAIL us at Customer Service and we will get right back to you during normal hours or first thing when we re-open.

CHAT during our working hours M-F 8:30 to 5:00 pm (we are still working out the details on this, so be patient).

CALL us at 859-254-6661 or 1-800-365-1020 and ask for a product specialist in your category.
5. I want more product info like the big boxes have - where is all that? Top
  Coming soon. With over 40,000 items in the catalog and being a smaller distributor, building the ideal level of content is challenging. Our new web site creates the better framework but we still have to gather all the data and cram in the right holes. Stay tuned please.  
6. There are too many items - any suggestions about which I should order? Top
  At the top of product listings across the catalog and in My Template ordering (more about that later), are filtering boxes for "Show only Stocked" and "Show only Best Sellers".  Best Sellers are identified based upon inventory levels, total unit and dollar sales and the number of different customers ordering the item.  Not all items will have Best Sellers designated, particularly for specialty categories.  In some cases, usually for equipment items, the Best Sellers will not be stocked items.  Selecting either or both will refine listings that may otherwise include more obscure items with less frequent sales. And of course, these along with pricing and unit of measure available, may contribute to your selection.  But if in doubt, give us a call or a chat.  
7. Who can place an order? Top
  Anyone. Some items may be restricted to licensed professionals, but most items can be purchased for home or clinical use.  
8. Do I need to register to place an order? Top
  No. Registration will enable a number of ordering features (order history, backorder tracking, template ordering) but is not required. We do need a valid e-mail address and credit card info to process orders.  
9. How do I order without having to register? Top
  Find the item(s) you want , select the quantity and unit of measure desired, add to cart and proceed to checkout. To order as a non-registered GUEST, enter "guest" for user name and "pw" for password and then enter additional required information.  
10. OK, I am registered, now what? Top
  The basic method of ordering is with your "My Template" item listing, which appears upon log-in  Your template includes all items ordered on your account over the prior 12 months, plus any items recently quoted to you even if they haven't yet been purchased.  The items in the template by default will appear in Grogan's product number order. Just fill in the "Order QT" box with the amount you want, either using keyboard or point/click using drop-down box (for quantities between 1 and 10).  Be sure to check the "Price/Unit/QT" unit of measure since we often sell items by the case, box, or each.  Change the unit of measure if desired.  Then select "Submit and Continue" or "Submit and Checkout" at the bottom of the page and proceed to checkout.

11. I am in My Template, but can't find what I want to order. Top
  Number of items per page is controlled by the "Show" items box at bottom right.  Clicking on the column header will also sort by: Description, Avg Quantity Available (our inventory), or Avg Mos Usage (your purchases) - either ascending or descending.  

Navigate to other pages by selecting Page Numbers or "Next" or "Previous" at the bottom of the listing.  Holding the mouse over the page number will display "From ... To ..." indexing based on the selected sort order.

To Search the Template, enter a product number segment (3M, BD, 1530, etc.) or description keyword (gauze, tape, syringe) in the "Search My Products" box at upper right within the template area (not to be confused with "Search Grogan's" at the top right of page which searches the entire catalog), and select "Search".

If you have lots of items in your Template and these methods of locating items is still not efficient, see also topics on "My Saved Lists" (#17 - Can product lists or subsets be created for easier ordering?) and "Rapid Order Form" (#15 - I know what I want to order - is there another way?)

12. Suppose I want to order something I haven't ordered before? Top
  If the item you want is a variation of an item in your template, you may be able to find the new item by selecting the "Search Similar" icon to the right of each template item row.  This will take you to the full catalog and deposit you at the product listing level for items categorized the same as the template item selected.  For example, if 3M1530-1 Micropore tape 1" is in your template but you want 2" wide tape, selecting the "Search Similar" icon will take you to a listing of all the other products categorized as Wound Care & First Aid Â» Tapes & Adhesives Â» Paper Â» White

However, if you want an entirely different item from any in your template, you can get to the full catalog by selecting "Back to Catalog" in the My Template header (to the right of your customer name) or through other navigation or searches (Home, Products, Search Grogan's).  Find the item and put it in the cart.
13. I found items in the full catalog - but is the pricing right? Top
  For large volume and contracted customers, our internal pricing system has extensive options and complexities to ensure invoicing accuracy.  All of that pricing logic is not reproduced in our web site.  Ordering items from the full catalog that you haven't purchased previously will go into the cart at our standard pricing.  If there is better pricing available due to contractual issues or volume commitments, that lower price will be billed and reflected in e-mail order confirmations processed upon our receipt of the order.  We aren't exactly saying "trust us", but the correct price may not always show initially, but will quickly be updated on any orders.  
14. How do I add items to the Shopping Cart? Top
  As you navigate your My Template pages and enter quantities in "Order Qt" and verify the unit of measure in "Price/Unit/Qt", select "Submit and Continue" to put those items in your Shopping Cart and advance to the next page of items.  If all items you need are on one page, then select "Submit and Checkout" to begin the checkout process.  
15. I forgot what items I put in the cart - how do I check? Top
  Holding your mouse over the Cart icon, or the display of "X items in Cart" will pop up the cart contents, with item listing, quantity and price for the items, and totals for lines and order.  Or click on the Cart and go to the cart to update or delete items.  
16. I know what I want to order - is there a quicker way? Top
  If you are familiar with Grogan's product numbering and don't want to use your My Template, the fastest way to order may be using our "Rapid Order Form" (ROF).  The ROF option is available at top right and will present a blank item listing. Tabbing from left to right, enter the quantity desired (default unit of measure will be Grogan's standard selling unit but can be changed later) and Grogan's product number (both required) and any special comment or instructions (optional), then click "Submit" to go to "Rapid Order Review".  Items ordered through ROF can be template items or items from the full catalog, but the product number must match exactly.  At the Rapid Order Review, check the items entered and verify the unit of measure desired, then click "Submit" to add to your cart.  Note that if item is from full catalog and not Template, pricing may be subject to change (see other topic #12 on pricing).  
17. I can't find an item but know Grogan's sells it - what now? Top
  If you can't find the item in our catalog but have reason to believe we can either track it down or figure out the number, go to the "Special Order" option at upper right of the screen and select it.  Enter any product information you have, number, description, manufacturer, size, color, shape, whatever and we will try to identify it.  And enter the quantity and unit of measure desired as well.  The item will require special handling and processing and may not show up as an ordered item since only valid item numbers can actually be processed as orders.  But we will get back to you once we identify the item or if we have other questions.    
18. Can product lists or subsets be created for easier ordering? Top
  Yes, with our new My Lists feature, you can select items from My Template and create and save multiple lists, to facilitate your ordering with streamlined Templates for different categories (lab, cleaning supplies, casting, etc.), different departments, different buyers, and many other purposes.  

Select items by checking the check box at left in My Template.  At the bottom of the list there is an "Add All Selected" message with list icon - click on the icon and create your list name, or select the existing list name from the list and then click the "+" sign to add to the list.  When ready to order from that list, go to My Lists, and select the list and then order from that list like you would from My Templates. With the list displayed, you can also delete items from the list if you no longer want them included.  To create a copy of an existing list so you can further customize the new list, go to My Lists and select the list to use.  Then check the select all box in the column header, select the "With Selected" add to list button and enter the new list name and then add the items.  At any time later, you can add new items to your saved My Lists, delete items, or delete lists.

19. How do I order for multiple locations? Top
  Many of our customers have more than one location or ask us to ship directly to someplace other than their main office.  In most cases, this is the same as a "bill-to" and "ship-to" setup, but Grogan's system allows for more complex options using what we call "Master Account" (the bill-to) and "Sub Account".  Customers can log-in to the Master Account and still have access to the Sub Accounts, or Customers may log-in only to the Sub Account.  If logged in as the Sub Account, the item selection and Avg Mos Usage information in the Template will reflect only that Sub Account.  If logged in as the Master Account, the template will include items for all the Sub Accounts combined and reflect the overall item usage.

If there are Sub Accounts set up for the customer, they can be accessed through our new Quick Switch even when logged in as the Master Account, by selecting the "Sub Accounts" option (to the left of My Lists at top right). When inside the Sub Account, at checkout the desired shipping destination is assumed to be that of the Sub Account.  When checking out as the Master Account the full range of Sub Accounts is available through the Shipping Address/Saved Addresses drop-down at upper right.

20. How do I order for more than one account? Top
  If you don't use Bill/Ship or Master/Sub set up but want to order for multiple customers (to keep billing separate, as a manager or consultant), submit your request to Customer Service and we can set up single log-in to multiple accounts.  
21. I was working on an order and forgot to finish. Top
  If your system times out, crashes, or otherwise interferes with completion of an order, your account retains the items in the shopping cart until your next log-in, at which time you have the option to throw out the cart or keep it to finish your order.  
22. Is there an order approval process? Top
  If you have different people or locations you want to have place orders, but then would like some approval process to authorize those orders, we have a new "Gatekeeper" function.  If the accounts or Sub Accounts are designated as requiring approval, the orders will be entered at Grogan's and inventory will be reserved - but the order will not be processed until the designated Gatekeeper approves the order.  Upon receipt of the original order, the Gatekeeper will receive an e-mail detailing the order and totals.  In response the Gatekeeper can a) approve the order in its entirety, b) reject and cancel the order, or c) respond to us via e-mail indicating which line items to approve and which to reject.  NOTE that unapproved orders could miss our delivery cut-offs or otherwise create confusion if the Gatekeeper is not responding promptly.  
23. How can I see my order history? Top
  We have a new and greatly expanded "History" that retains all orders placed at Grogan's (whether through our web site or otherwise) within the past 24 months.  Selecting History from upper right in a logged-in screen will display the Order Listing, in descending chronological order (newest to oldest) showing the Web Order Number (same number in web confirmation and e-mail acknowledgements), Purchase Order (PO) Number (if used by customer), Customer Account or Sub Account number, Order Date and Time, Line Item count, Order Total (before backorders, taxes or add-on charges), and Order Status (Closed, Open, or Unconfirmed).  Closed orders are orders with no remaining backorders that have completed shipment or delivery.  Open orders are orders either with open backorders or have yet to be shipped or delivered.  Unconfirmed orders are those placed within 24 hours via the web site that have not yet been acknowledged or updated by the Grogan's system and have those steps in process.

Clicking on an entry's Order Number shows the order detail, with product description, quantity and unit pricing information.

Orders will be displayed based on the logged-in account, meaning that going back to Sub Accounts and selecting a Sub Account will filter the order list to only the orders placed by the Sub Account.
24. How can I see what items are on backorder? Top
  From the "History" page, there is a "View Back Order Items" at top right of page.  Selecting that option will display any remaining open backorder items by order number.  When available based upon system information and reliable lead times and order schedules, an "Estimated Ship Date" will also be shown.  
25. Order History is nice but I want more in-depth reports. Top
  We are working to expand our Order History into a customizable interface for usage reporting, by locations (if applicable), by product, by vendor, by category, and by time period, based upon units ordered and sales volume.  Please stay tuned.  
26. What communications will be received regarding my orders? Top
  Web Site Acknowledgement: Upon final checkout on the web site, you will receive an on-screen message with assigned order number and indication that your order has been processed.  At that time, the order should show up in your History as Unconfirmed".

Grogan's System Acknowledgement: After transmission of your order from the Grogan's web site to Grogan's internal system, during business hours normally within an hour or less, the e-mail address associated with your account will be sent an itemized Order Acknowledgement for your order.  The acknowledgement will include expected (but not yet confirmed) product availability and confirmation of final pricing (in limited cases, the web price may not reflect your contracted prices).

Grogan's System Confirmation: During business hours, upon final picking in our warehouse, the confirmed product availability and final pricing will be shown with expected delivery or shipping date in our e-mailed Order Confirmation. Any backorders generated will be noted with expected receipt dates if available.

Grogan's UPS Shipping Confirmation:  For orders to be shipped via UPS rather than via Grogan's trucks (within Kentucky and on regularly scheduled routes), a final e-mail Shipping Confirmation will be sent, indicating the UPS pickup date and including the UPS tracking link.
27. How do I change my password or account info? Top
  From any logged-in location, select "My Account" at top right, or click on customer name to the left of Sub Accounts. From there you can change account information including web log-in password, e-mail address of record, as well as customer name, address, phone, etc.  However, except for the password and e-mail, any changes will be submitted to Grogan's for verification.  
28. What is my username? Top
The username for web log-in can either be the e-mail of record on the account or it can be the Grogan's assigned account number on the account. Grogan's Account Number can be either a Master Account number or a Sub Account number (which will be the Master Account followed by a decimal and another number indicating the sub or shipping location).