How is Grogan's Different? Grogan's Healthcare Supply has been providing healthcare product solutions since 1960, using old-fashioned experience coupled with state of the art healthcare innovations.  Grogan's is one of the last remaining "old school" distributors in the U.S. that supplies to all healthcare markets, offering the most complete selection of products available both for consumers and professional healthcare providers. We are based in Lexington, Kentucky and remain independently operated, family and employee-owned, and compete primarily against huge global companies.  We believe that keeping close touch with our customers, employees and the communities we serve presents a better and more responsive business model than does consolidation, passive and distant shareholders, and overpaid executives.  So, what kind of company do you want to do business with?
There is no shortage of companies peddling healthcare products on the web, most of them making the same claims about low price guarantees, unsurpassed service, blah, blah, blah - you have heard it all before.  Most of those companies (including Grogan's) are all buying the same products from the same manufacturers and paying about the same acquisition costs and are all trying to extend their reach while generating some profit.  But there are no free lunches or magic bullets.  If you are impressed with price "guarantees", size for its own sake, or other bold propaganda, then we won't have much to get you excited.  But if you are mad about intrusive and overblown Internet and business hype and don't want to take it anymore, give us a shot or call or e-mail.
We combine product categories that are usually separate to provide a comprehensive healthcare product resource.  Grogan's Healthcare Supply is big enough to be very competitive on that extensive range of products but small enough to not supply the runaround with every order. 
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