HYPD11400  Strip Urine Diascreen 4 100/bt 10Bt/cs Cmed

Product: HYPD11400 Manufacturer: Hypoguard Usa, Inc Stock Item? No

Price: $165.95 cs 1000

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  • DiaScreen 4 pH. NDC # 08317-1140-00. DiaScreen Reagent Strips for urinalysis are high quality dip-and-read test strips, intended for use as an in vitro diagnostic aid using urine specimens. The strips provide qualitative and semi-quantitative tests and may be used with the DiaScreen 50 Urine Chemistry Analyzer for automated testing. The may also be read by visual comparison of the reacted reagent to the color chart printed on the bottle label. All tests are read at 60 or 120 seconds.